3 Reasons Sex During Pregnancy More Exciting

If you think would be very uncomfortable having sex while you are pregnant, think again. Precisely pregnancy able to make sex more passionate, provided you know how the mechanism.
Pregnancy is a wonderful thing. The existence of the baby growing in your stomach will make changes in the body. You will feel more sexy and passionate.
Actually, not only the body shape changes, the performance of hormones in the body changes. This is what makes hair thicker, smoother skin, up to the size of enlarged breasts. Many things make you feel more beautiful and sexy while pregnant. In effect, the sexual activity even more exciting.
The following are three reasons Sex During Pregnancy More Exciting:
  1. Sensitivity, most women are surprised when discovering the fact that sex during pregnancy is more likely to reach orgasm. It is caused by increased blood circulation in the area miss v (vagina). Many women who recognize, during pregnancy feel more excited, enjoy sex more and more frequent orgasms. In fact, there are some women who had an orgasm the first time during pregnancy. Sensitivity during pregnancy is to make women more passionate.
  2. Body curves, multiply body weight is as bad to look at. But, for some couples, the curve when pregnant women can cause pleasure. Believe me, pregnancy can make you look sexier.
  3. Creativity, changes in body shape will automatically change your routine, including during intercourse. Take the plus side, this is the time you try new things with your partner. Various styles of new sex untried will make your sexual relationship becomes more sensual and fun.
How now, already know it’s not? a drastic change in sexual intercourse when she was pregnant. Even so, be sure to consult with your doctor to ensure that the position and force you away from the risks related harmful to the baby.