Determine the baby gender with the Chinese calendar method

Perhaps of most people even mothers there who do not understand or do not understand what it terms the Chinese Calendar and any correlation with the pregnancy. Pregnancy calendar china is a method of community china ancient discovered by scientists china, where a pregnancy calendar is shaped like a script that contains estimates or predictions sex of the baby, which was then investigated further by the medical expert’s china and adjusted for the calendar effect now. And in the end, the Chinese calendar is shaped like a table.
Many residents of China who use the calendar table as a guideline to determine or choose the sex of the baby, so that sex of the child to be born according to what they want. Finally, they programmed her pregnancy so that in the future will be in accordance with what has been predicted by the china pregnancy calendar table.
To test the accuracy and veracity own table you can practice this Chinese pregnancy calendar in infants or children who have been born earlier.
The following table lists the Chinese calendar:

How to Use Table Calendar China?

Usage Table Calendar China is actually quite easy, follow the steps below: 
  1. The mother should know when Mother experiencing menstruation last month.
  2. Calculate the age Mom this year. Age is rounded if excess month over 6 months.W
  3. hen it is discovered last month when menstruation and how old the mother in this year, then you just read and match with the table.
Mother’s last menstrual period in February, and at that age the mother was 23 years and 3 months, then look for the row and column 2 months to age 23, in the can be male. But if ever that time aged mother is 23 years and 9 months, the assumed age of the mother in this year was 24. So you have to look at the column to age 24, no longer 23.
That illustration or example that we provide, if there is something less obvious to ask, please use the comments below this article.
But remember, all the above can not be separated from God’s intervention. We as humans can only be to try and pray, even though sometimes we have tried as much as possible to program the sex of the baby so that we bladder in accordance with our planning, but if God has not willed then it will not be realized.