Know the Characteristics of Breast Cancer Stadium 1 before too late

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one type of cancer that is quite scary for a woman other than cervical cancer. Cancer cells will grow and attack your breast tissue, such as milk outlet, lobules, along with other supporting tissues such as fat tissue. Lifestyle, hormonal, and environmental factors are suspected as the cause of this cancer. However, not everyone with a similar lifestyle also has a risk for breast cancer. So it still needs further research.

Even so, there are several risk factors that allow you to develop breast cancer. For example, if you are 50 years or older, if you have a close family or even a mother with ovarian cancer or breast cancer, there has been a benign lump in the breast or have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Supposedly, breast cancer is not a hereditary disease. However, there are certain genes, called BRCA1 and BRCA2, which increase a person’s risk of developing breast cancer. This gene is thought to be passed down to the next generation.

Breast cancer stage 1 is an early stage breast cancer. This is a condition in which breast cancer lumps are 2 cm in size or smaller. These lumps still have not spread to the lymph nodes in the armpits.

Breast Cancer Characteristics You Need to Know
  • The appearance of a lump in the breast. The lump in the breast is one of the early signs of breast cancer. And this lump does not always hurt. Even so, not all lumps that appear are breast cancer lumps. This lump can be palpable when you perform a personal examination at home. Usually palpable when you are menstruating.
  • The color of your breast skin changes. This color change is sometimes mistaken for infection. In fact, if you are not sure of the lumps that appear in the breast, skin discoloration may make you more alert. At this stage, the skin of the breast will become red, as irritation, skin texture feels like orange peel, skin surface area of the breast that is affected by cancer looks grooved, and skin thickening occurs. However, in certain types of breast cancer is quite rare, color changes do not occur.
  • Nipple hurt. The characteristics of another stage 1 breast cancer are with the appearance of changes in the nipple with pain. In addition, it is characterized by abnormal discharge from the nipple.
  • A lump appeared on the armpits. Although called breast cancer, does not mean a lump under the armpit that you meet has nothing to do with this cancer. The breast tissue extends under the armpits. That’s why cancer can spread to the lymph nodes under the armpits.
Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is not less deadly with cervical cancer. Although the cause of this cancer still requires further research, it never hurts to be more vigilant against this disease. You are still advised to maintain your diet and lead a healthy life. Be diligent to conduct a personal examination. And if you feel potentially cancerous because your mother or relative has cancer, and you feel very worried, try to consult this to the doctor.