Turn off your TV before go to bed

There are a few people who sleep in a state television still on, or accidentally while listening to music. Did you know that the habit is not very good? In terms of health and in terms of mind, sleep habits in a state television was still on, it should be discontinued from now.
During sleep, the brain needs to process to lower its waves. The journey from a conscious state to sleep, requiring stages. At every stage in the depth of sleep, the mind still continues to work. Sleep state was at a depth of 40, while the conscious mind is in level 0 (zero). So eyes drifted shut and physically relax the body, the mind began to relax. The wave continues down into the depths of the zero level down to the most basic ie bed, a depth of 40.
When you begin to sleep, inadvertently everyone surely had crossed some levels. One level of depth of the subconscious mind towards sleep is called somnambulism profound level, this is the depth of the subconscious mind at level 30 before the end really sleep. This is the thing I want to say, at this depth any of the information entered into the subconscious mind will accept and understood without any rejection at all. Whatever the incoming sound will be recorded clearly by our subconscious mind.
How long were in the depths of this level? Every person is different, there are only a few seconds there is also a few minutes until the end really sleep. However, the depth of this profound somnambulism which sometimes makes a person having a dream that is considered truly real turns. Or in the depths of this, what we hear is believed to actually happen, but we’re in a sleeping position.
When the mind begins to fall at depths up to the bed, do not let your ears hear the negative things that may come out of the television. Crime news, negative movie dialogue, it would go into the subconscious mind easily. Likewise, when listening to songs with negative lyrics, such as music about heartbreak, obviously will be recorded subconscious mind.
Studies on this subject also delivered two scientists namely Thomas Andrillon and Sid Kouider. Through the journal Current Biology, published, stated that the brain remains active during sleep. No part of the brain continues to process information and make decisions effectively when the subconscious. The monitor performance of the brain shows the human brain can still stimulate the words heard during sleep. Although it is not remembered when it was already aware. However, the information is already entered and recorded in the subconscious mind.
Television sound and music can make poor-quality sleep. Why? Because sound waves or light emitted remains acceptable senses of hearing and vision. As a result, the brain re-stimulated to work and process the incoming information. The body that should be relaxing, must continue to work because the brain continues to process incoming information. Do not be surprised if anyone was sleeping for a long time, but still feel tired. Compare if sleep quality. Although only asleep 10 minutes, it was like waking up in the morning.
In addition, researchers at the University of Rochester also found that lack of sleep makes the brain does not have enough time for cleaning. It has the potential to make a person affected by neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
So before going to sleep better turn off your TV. Sleep is more qualified and then let your body wake up in a state of perfect health and completely fresh.